Total Business Global Awards 2019 Winners Edition

FIRM PROFILE Founded in 2017, online personalised card site Making A Difference entered into the crowded greetings card market with a view to changing the way charity cards were purchased. Currently the majority of online charity cards are sold through one of three channels - by being a corporate partner, by providing a donation to the charity based on a percentage of profit from the sale of the cards or in the case of Ecards as a fundraising platform based on an industry standard 5% fee along with transaction fees, this can amount to as much as 9% being taken from any given donation. Our first objective was to offer an alternative, disrupting the current models held within the Charity Card sector and allowing donors to be in control of how much is donated. Our new model not only puts the donation amount in the hands on the purchaser but furthermore we take no commission or fee from the donation being made. Our second objective was to provide a platform that was not cost prohibitive in any way but accessible to all charities, so that large or small they could all enter not just the card market but the growing personalised market, which in 2017 was estimated at £122.4m in the UK with growth of 6.2% over the last five years. Thirdly our final objective was to develop a card solution that encouraged donating instead of gift giving – a greeting card and gift purchase all in one. Two years on we have successfully met all our objectives. The Making a Difference model offers a free and fully transparent solution, built and designed specifically for the charity sector and offers a unique user experience to anyone wishing to buy a charity card. It’s like no other currently on the market. Donations have been received from as far as California, Puerta Rico and New Zealand. The platform offers charities a potential new stream of supporters allowing people from across the globe to support them. Whether it be a UK national living abroad wanting to support a UK charity or a foreign national supporting a UK charity as a gesture in lieu of a gift for a friend or family in the UK. Entering the market at a time when increased transparency was being demanded of the fundraising sector, we made transparency a basic tenet of our business model. Not only does our solution come with the ability for donations to be transferred instantly at the point of purchase but also provides charities with real time sales and donation metrics. To keep up with the fast paced nature of the digital world we are continually adapting, updating, evaluating and looking to optimise our offering. Within the first year we identified the need for packs of cards and for a corporate option - so deployed this within two months. Noticing a trend towards charity E-cards and being mindful of the general push towards reductions in waste we then developed a way to send the same designs as eco-cards – making them fully personalised and in 3D. Our aim for these early years has been to establish a strong foundation from which to deliver future growth – striving to differentiate ourselves from competitors in the sector. WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD? Our focus over the next two years is to continue investing in innovation and provide continuous improvements to our solution in order to offer an alternative donor experience. We are currently working on two new products to be launched this coming autumn, unlocking new opportunities for both charities and card purchasers. Our aim is to be profitable and purposeful – to do well by doing good – and together we can all be Making A Difference. RAQUEL MÜLLER Co-Founder & Director of Making a Difference Cards Ltd ABOUT RAQUEL MÜLLER Since its incorporation in 2017 Raquel has been responsible for initiating and implementing the companies short and long-term strategic direction as well as driving the company’s vision. Raquel previously worked for Barclays Bank and Sussex Police having graduated from Canterbury University with a degree in Law. Whilst taking a 12-year career break from full time employment to bring up two boys, Raquel spent 10 of those years working part time as a senior partner in a digital media and marketing firm working for both charitable and private limited organisations. 03302 230454 UNITED KINGDOM | GLOBAL BUS INESS AWARDS 2019 www. tota lbus inessma gazine . com 21

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